Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Our lovely Guest Artist is BACK!!! With a special Thank You!

It s a special day here at Travels Through Life!!!

Our favorite Guest Artist is back!

Marcia Macsisak the owner of the blog: Cards With Marcia
was kind enough to let us show of her latest card even before her own blog has it!
She even included the original sketch she came up with for the vacuum cleaner.
While you cannot really see it the 'Thank You' above is in gold foil!
What is amazing is that the vacuum is not a Cricut Shape!
Well, it is a variety of shapes cut using the Cricut but not a pre-made
design, that is why this card is amazing!!!
This was the original sketch of what Marcia wanted to vacuum to look like.
I think she was spot on with the final product!
Keep your fingers crossed!  I'm begging Marcia to make another one so
I can video it and share how she did it with everyone!
Come on!  Post some encouraging comments and also check out Marcia's Blog too!!!
(and are welcome!  Thanks for the fabulous card!!!)

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