Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy 2015!!!

(Bear with me...please close your eyes and pretend as you read this... WAIT! Do NOT close your eyes! Keep them open so you can read this! Just pretend that this was written yesterday!!!)

Oh, so glad to see 2014 behind me! Not that it was one of the worst years, it just wasn't one of the best. Now 2015 on the other hand IS going to be one of the BEST!!!

Watch this space...

There will be LOTS of positive changes here at Travels Through Life and I will be posting much more often!!! 

So excited!

Thanks for brining in the new year with me! But please fasten your seat belts!!!

You have been warned!

OH! If you were or if you know any former Creative Memories consultants we bed to talk! I will be doing lots of outreaching and recruiting for the Travels Through Life's Close To My Heart Team!!!


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