Wednesday, July 22, 2015

A Series from the Heart Part II

The Close To My Heart 2015 Convention was truly life changing!!!

The best of both worlds!
 There is, naturally, the creative side;

 The new catalog preview, 'Hands On' making amazing crafts, Stickyboy,
inspirational seminars and the like. 
 Then there was the business side;

 Not sure why, but this year REALLY spoke to me. I had the honor of
attending Leadership Day (well, part anyway, I flew in that morning so
I missed half of it. MY LOSS!!!) and that was AMAZING!!! Actually, all
of the business events were amazing! The company seems to be going
out of its way to help the consultants that want to grow their business
succeed! (Not to say they haven't always done so, it just seems to be
on steriods this year! Lol!)
Once I got home I had to step back, unplug (Yes, even went 'dark' on FB!)
and soak it all in and looked deep within myself and had to ask; "Is
this REALLY what you want Jamie?" I had to really think this through.
I had some really incredible conversations with some very important
people at CTMH and I was left inspired, motivated and ready to accept
the challenges placed before me! (This is above and beyond the other
challenges I had already agreed to do...)

Oh, and the answer to question I had asked myself?

"Hell yeah!!!"

You see, I realized that not only do I truly want this, in some aspects I
feel that I need it as well! It is cathartic in ways, enjoyable, fufilling,
challenging, fun, creative, lucrative and rewarding on so many levels.

There we go...a rough mission statement.

(More to come: The challenges...)

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